del mar to la jolla…

@ mile 6, with the super-terrifying torrey pines hill in the distance

i just completed one of my most favorite journeys. unlike so many of my other travels, this one did not require that i obtain a visa, immunization certificates, or malaria pills. it didn’t require a plane, a car, or a bike.

i did not spend hours of my time doing internet research on hotels, flight prices, and itiner-izing my “to-dos” and “must-sees.” i didn’t even pack my travel must -haves. my latest adventure did not require one ounce of gasoline.

this trip was so very different from my others. it was a mere 13.1 miles, from one city in california to another city in california. everything i needed i had on my body: tennis shoes and some tunes. it was fueled by a concoction of 1 part healthy food and drink, 100 parts determination, commitment, and willpower.  it also took 3 months of physical training and mental preparation. it took blood (stupid chafing), sweat (enough to fill a 5 person spa for sure), and tears (mostly because i used the training time to confront the demons i had avoided for the better part of my 20s).

2011 resolution 1 of 6: complete a half marathon… done! now, onto the next one.


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