the kinda day

when all of your best intentions die just because life is too sweet and too simple to deal with to do lists. it’s 70 degrees, sunny and 1:30 PM on a friday in san diego. it’s a bagel picnic at the beach kinda day, and i love it. i have two midterms next week, and then i’m OFF to NYC and DC for 10 days. i haven’t been “home” since i left it last summer. i’m so excited i can barely stand it.

so, instead of studying, i’m just going to go with it. my mood suits a line i read today:

it’s way too late to be careful. so instead i’ll dream of something important.



4 thoughts on “the kinda day

  1. I love the line at the end. I think I’ll use it this weekend lol.
    I’m visiting KC next week. Haven’t been there since October. This is a much need trip home 🙂

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