happy international women’s day

i cannot let international women’s day go by without a little bunnytreks tribute to the beautiful women whose words have left me breathless from inspiration. to the women whose actions have made me hungry to fight for more. who gave me courage to really believe, “I am not afraid…I was born to do this.” -Joan of Arc

quite simply, to give more love.


the kinda day

when all of your best intentions die just because life is too sweet and too simple to deal with to do lists. it’s 70 degrees, sunny and 1:30 PM on a friday in san diego. it’s a bagel picnic at the beach kinda day, and i love it. i have two midterms next week, and then i’m OFF to NYC and DC for 10 days. i haven’t been “home” since i left it last summer. i’m so excited i can barely stand it.

so, instead of studying, i’m just going to go with it. my mood suits a line i read today:

it’s way too late to be careful. so instead i’ll dream of something important.