Sweet Taste of Victory

I’m all about increasing efficiency in my life, so when I saw an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone (a very large stone that I obviously named Stephanie), I took it.

Bird #1) Vincent, our driver, is one of my favorite people in Kisumu. he used to drive the current Prime Minister around and has the craziest stories, i.e.:

me: “you’re such a good driver… you are going so fast on these awful roads and I’m not even scared!” Vincent: “this is not really fast. when I worked for the PM, I used to drive over 200 km/hr (=125 mi/hr) on these same roads while people were shooting at us.”

a few weeks ago he insisted on picking me up from Suba when I could have just as easily taken a Matatu (an over stuffed minivan that I’ve seen dead chickens and children fall out of), so I wanted to bake him thank-you-for-being-so-cool cookies.

Bird #2) I lost a bet a while back and have to send a home-baked good to the winning friend. I wanted to test drive a few recipes [b/c I don’t think my favorite (white peaches, blueberries and ginger cobbler) mails well] and discovered Samoa Blondies. like the girl scout samoa cookies. browned butter, coconut, brown sugar, and LOTS of bittersweet chocolate (still loyal to the self-chopped bars)… aint NOTHING wrong with this recipe.

I made the blondies for Vincent, who happily served as my official judge and taste-tester. he said I could open a restaurant in Kisumu and just sell these. which, to me, rang the sweet bell of success.

so, to my victorious friend who B-E-A-R-l-y defeated me in a super intense Words with Friends match: expect these in your mailbox in about 6-8 months. hope you’ll enjoy them, too. 😛

on a side note, today I made a batch of scones served with homemade jam for everyone at the office… which they loved. but now they’ve demanded that I produce one more cookie/brownie recipe before I leave Kisumu. so…. what you got people!? I need your recipes and suggestions…

pic: introducing my Kenyan fam: from L->R, Vincent, Elizabeth, John, Zachary, Violet, and Pamela.


3 thoughts on “Sweet Taste of Victory

  1. So, I was thinking caramel gooey yum yums had been sounding really good lately…. just a thought.
    I’ll have to go through my stuff to dig out the recipe if you want to impress your friends with a totally midwest sweet treat!!! steph, i love you and I’m really glad that you’ve got into this whole blog thing!!! Can’t wait to PAAAAAAAARTY!!!!!!!!!

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