Hungry lions and white rhinos and perfectly pink flamingos, Oh My!

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at 5:30 AM on Sunday I bolted out of a weird twin-sized bed of this even weirder Chinese hotel I am staying at in order to observe some Big 5 animals waking up in Lake Nakuru National Park. a place I’ve been looking forward to visiting ever since I heard of a country called Kenya.

what I witnessed left me speechless the rest of the day. utterly amazingly freakishly out of this world beautiful. some highlights (have you noticed yet that I like lists?) include:

  • we were 5 feet(!) away from a lion family eating breakfast (dead animal of some sort) and the male lion didn’t like me hanging out of the car. he punished me by staring into my camera lens like he hated me- it was so intense and we were so close that i was literally shaking…
  • my spastic jumping freaked out the flamingos (oops, but I’m not sorry) and for about 5 seconds half of the sky looked like a gauzy strip of pink cotton candy
  • a gigantic sleeping hippo
  • for me, seeing a white rhino is comparable to riding a rainbow-haired unicorn
  • a baboon family lined up in a perfect row down the street? whoa.

a Toni Braxton and Whitney Houston mixed CD served as the soundtrack for my safari, which was actually very nice. we safari’d for 6 hours and then I came back and took a nap. ย and then spent the rest of the day looking at my pictures.

what do you think?


9 thoughts on “Hungry lions and white rhinos and perfectly pink flamingos, Oh My!

  1. totally love this!!!! Okay, so I wasn’t sure till you said he was upset with you for hanging out of the car….. I’m thinking, man! what crazy protective lion proof contraption is stephanie in that is saving her from being mauled by all these animals????? But, then I thought, I bet nature isn’t really THAT crazy?!?!

  2. 1) Toni Braxton – sweet. Whitney Houston? Hmm…
    2) Thanks for sharing. The slideshow is awesome!
    3) That monkey was probably thinking, “Sexy eyes, nice boobs…”

  3. I love it, what great comments!!!

    C, big kiss!

    K, my protective Steph-mobile was a white Toyota Corolla from the 80s. and nature IS pretty crazy but a lion attack would just be gross.

    Robar, your comment made me crack up. any interest in doing a guest blog post for bunnytreks one day? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • heh, if I ever have an adventure with a fraction of the intrigue as yours, I would happily contribute! ๐Ÿ™‚ For now, I (and I assume many others) are living vicariously through you.

  4. These photos are absolutely amazing! What an awesome experience. Did you wear all kakhi? I’d love to see a picture of you wearing a kakhi-on-kakhi outfit of cargo shorts and a utility vest.

    • L,LOL! unfortunately I forgot my zip off pants-become shorts at home. and it’s embarrassing enough carrying a backpack around, how could I muster a utility vest? I actually did plan a very specific African look. consists of neon brights and white keds… no joke.

  5. Love these pictures, remind me of “Out of Africa” when you come home we can watch that movie ….. one of my favorite, I can’t image that one day I have a daughter travel to Africa…..

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