left Busia (and my pride) behind. now in Nakuru for a few days for some safari pleasure and some work, too.

as I was on my evening stroll, getting lost in a new town, someone stopped me and said in a very serious tone, “sexy eyes, nice boobs.”

which may be one of my most favorite compliments EVER. some confidence has been restored, which was sorely needed after that hole situation.

now indulge me, gorgeous sexy friends and family-o-mine: what’s your fave compliment/pickup line that you’ve received (or given)? I KNOW you have some good ones, so don’t make this post stand alone.

pic: one eye and one boob…and I WOULD apologize for the narcissism, but if I don’t use this pic now, when can I ever?


2 thoughts on “vaingloriousness

  1. I think there may be a theme of over-the-top lines from foreign guys when you are on their turf. My favorite so far was in Istanbul, where I was told I have “the eyes of angelina jolie, a smile like katie holmes, and the body of jennifer lopez.” Haha!

    My other favorite line was never actually told to me, I just learned it in high school Spanish class – “Tantas curvas y yo sin frenos!” Translation: So many curves and I have no breaks!

    A good, sincere, “G* damn!” every once in awhile also does good things for the self esteem.

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