Shoot me. – Love in the Time of Cholera

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we don’t take lunch breaks in Busia. I learned this the hard way. I knew I was with traveling with extreme field people (the type ppl one would expect never takes a lunch break), so yesterday I kept quiet. today, though, when it turned 3 PM and NO ONE had mentioned anything about nourishment, I asked why. the reason why we don’t eat at certain sites is because there was a relatively recent cholera outbreak in the area.

I didn’t even know what cholera WAS ok? the symptoms, how you got it, what to do if you got it… I was lit-erally clueless (and why did it remind me of lit class?) and it seemed so medieval.

lack of food in the hot hot sun + fear of cholera is not good for me. when my blood sugar level drops I easily transform into something close to inhumane.

what this means for you, though, is that I have very little energy for a thoughtful post.

you get pictures instead. and because I am against turning bunnytreks into a photo blog, I added captions. enjoy Busia.

has anyone ever HAD cholera? can i get a vaccine for that?


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