Ciao, Nike…. Bonjour bird fleas?

earlier this week we hosted a day-long field visit from the Nike Foundation… it was a 14 member delegation that included ALL of their executive team from Portland and a few from the DFID offices in London. they flew into the island on two private jets, and we traveled around in a convoy of 8 sparking white land cruisers. the town thought we had the prime minister of Kenya with us… it was quite a scene.

the girls loved the attention and i think it encouraged them to continue growing their enterprises. we were proud, Nike was proud, and their visit definitely spoke to the successes of the project. but I’m glad it’s over.

this week I’m in the office… next week out to Busia to visit the rest of our girls. I have already learned that their hippo problem is miniscule compared to their monkey infestation problem. I’m very seriously considering packing some baby bananas, trying to seduce one, and making it my pet.

and speaking of infestation, my apartment has one, too. welcome to my life, pigeon fleas. (UGH. GROSS. DISGUSTING. FML.) i wasn’t exactly looking for roommates.

let’s all hope that the apartment management understood what I meant when I said that I would appreciate this issue dealt with in a prompt and thorough manner. if they did not, a very b*tchy, mentally unstable stephanie is going to join the Kisumu population.

pic: our breakfast spot (in the Rusinga Highlands) with the Nike champs.


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