Washington is a city of Southern efficiency and Northern charm. -John F. Kennedy

anyone who really knows me knows that I had a hate/hate relationship with DC ever since I moved there at the end of 2005.

why the hate? as with most things, it was mostly personal. it was/is pretty dangerous (and I fell victim to that fact three too many times), the historic brick sidewalks forced me to create a shoe cobbler budget to replace my beautiful heels, it’s obscenely expensive for something I thought just mediocre. and it’s not near any water.

and there are still some things about the city that I will NEVER understand. it is the worst dating city. i wasn’t even single for most of my time there and i still felt my girls’ pain. not only are the majority of the DC manboys barely 5’9, their natural tendency is to be a bit cheap and VERY uninteresting. ok, fine, I know that was a ghastly stereotype, my apologies. to be more diplomatic, miniature type-A manboys aren’t really ummmmmm my kind of people. also (this mostly directed to the lovely Republican femme fatale) do you know there are other ways to accessorize than with a stupid strand of pearls? if yes, then why haven’t you tried it… just to prove me wrong?

anyway, this post is not about bashing DC. ACTUALLY, about 3 months before I moved away, the city surprised me again… because I finally loved it. and because I’ve done my due diligence, i feel like I should share some of my DC favorites.

  1. Derek Brown’s Tease Class at the Atlas studio on H St. i’m in love with a gay man and I don’t care who knows. no one should be able to move their hips like that without expecting fanatical, obsessive, cult-like lusting (Derek, if you’re reading this, come to San Diego. please.)
  2. Obama brought cute girls with style to the city so I got a little envious people watching. before him and his sassy convoy came to town, I just judged. and I was not nice.
  3. during the morning commute, everyone on the metro gets really annoyed and glares when a person even whispers.
  4. weird instrument guy at eastern market. I’ll upload a song of his later for you. it’s a little freaky, but totally intoxicating. Esp. on Sundays when you’re nursing the biggest hangover ever and the music sounds like the sea nymphs’ song that lured sailors to their death (in this case the music man leads you to brunch at tunniclifs which COULD in theory kill you with carbs).
  5. the gibson’s mary traveler. just the thought of that bourbon drink with orange rind and a burnt cinnamon stick makes me blush.
  6. Policy (on Saturday nights, and only with Liz)
  7. my asiannesse is going to come streaming through, but I can’t help it. the cherry blossoms are amazing.
  8. gelato place in Georgetown. good thing that I was introduced to this place just weeks before I left. otherwise i may have needed to custom order the TRX for fat people
  9. proximity to New York (where I think I really SHOULD have been since 2005)
  10. can’t think of another one thing worth mentioning so I’ll list them all here: Good Eats’ sinful shakes, au pair park, kayaking under the Key Bridge, and the fall leaves on the Rock Creek and GW parkways

and i’m missing it now. i’m somewhat relieved that i was able to make DC my own. in fact, i did a lot of growing up and met some people who truly influenced who i am now.

and in the end, when i drove away, i didn’t have any regrets. and that’s all you can ask for, i guess.

for those of you who have visited or lived in the DMV, what do you love? or love to hate?


4 thoughts on “Washington is a city of Southern efficiency and Northern charm. -John F. Kennedy

  1. What a great list! Derek is indeed a genius, Dolcezza (gelato place in Georgetown) serves up the best dark chocolate creamy goodness ever, and this city is truly special for a few weeks in both the spring and fall.

    A few more for the pro column:
    + ACKC in Logan – chocolate bar (as in a bar that serves chocolate, melted down in a variety of delicious ways) that is now also serving wine. yum.
    + the instant connection that is formed when you see someone else reading your choice of daily newspaper – nerds unite!
    + Kennedy Center (on the beaten path, but for good reason) – free musical performances daily and subsidized access to the rest. tax dollars well spent – thanks, America.

    I am only beginning to like this place (and my favorite part of it just left), so I will spare you my dislike list…for now.

  2. dear Liz,
    thanks for the comment and additions to the list. i wouldn’t exactly call Derek a genius, he’s more like a god. wish I could have tried ACKC but it doesn’t sound like anything can be wrong with melted chocolate and wine. does it do carry out? 😉 your nerds unite comment is funny… I would love to see some people reading US Weekly for sure! and, absolutely agree, the kennedy center is lovely.

    so happy to hear that you’re enjoying DC in the summa. jazz in the sculpture garden is always fun! don’t forget to bring plenty of wine and cheese!

    • c, HOW could I forget those moules et frites!? esp. with the curry ketchup and truffle aioli dipping sauces… mmm, mmm good. thanks for the reminder!

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