wet wipes, check. fancy camera, check.

I’m headed to the bush today! for future reference, bush for me means the Lake Victoria beaches in Busia and Suba, where our 300 girls are living and working. the office got together for a quick pre-trip meeting today. some snippets of the dialogue:

“but fencing the land is a major challenge because the hippos keep breaking through it.”

“where will the Nike leadership delegation go to the bathroom after lunch? none of our beaches have a toilet and the closest one is 30 minutes away.” response: “we already told their security detail that they will have to go in the bush.” response to that, “oh, good.”

“Stephanie, you don’t have a problem with dust, do you?”

nope, I don’t. i do, however, have a problem with malaria. oh, well…

wish me luck!

pic: the star of my welcome to Kisumu lunch


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